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Welcome home!  The Pug House is a place for families and people to grow.  

We are very family oriented and friendly people who love Pugs.

We encourage you to check other breeders before finding your perfect new family member.  You should do your homework before taking on a new pet.
  • Check the parents of the puppies
  • How clean the living area is
  • How well groomed the dogs are
  • Are they friendly with you
  • How comfortable are you with the breeder.  Do you feel welcome or are they just trying to make a sale?
We won't bore you with past client lists.  Please contact our Vet with any questions she is our best reference!  The Vet knows how well the Pugs are taken care of.

Northwest Wisconsin Spay/Neuter and Wellness Clinic
Dr. Jill Armstrong @ 715-268-6226

NO STUD SERVICES WILL EVER BE ALLOWED.  This helps prevent backyard breeders.

We again achieved "Certificate of Compliance" from the A.K.C. 05/2013! 

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